25 gift ideas for people in assisted living

December 13, 2022

Your loved one’s needs are covered in an assisted living facility, so finding them a gift they’ll use could be tricky. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Clothing and Personal Items

Fleece pajamas: Warm clothes will be a welcome sight if your mom or dad runs cold or has circulation issues.

Orthopedic slippers: Orthotic soles ease foot pain, provide arch support and help your loved one feel steady when they walk.

Orthotic or non-skid socks: These socks are comfortable to wear and wick moisture. Non-skid socks are a good gift for your parent if they’re prone to slipping.

Slip-on shoes: Getting dressed is easier when your loved one doesn’t have to fiddle with laces, helping them maintain their independence.

A self-care kit: Assemble a basket of your parent’s favorite bath items, such as lotion, soap, bath bombs, hair care products and perfume or cologne.

Weighted blanket: This type of blanket offers anxiety relief and can ease restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Mattress pad: An extra layer of padding boosts comfort and protects the mattress from sweat, fluids and spills.

Games and Entertainment

Jigsaw puzzles: Assembling a puzzle helps your mom or dad stay focused and can be done solo or with fellow residents.

Life story workbook: Help your parent tell their story by giving them prompts to discuss and record life experiences.

Books: Reading is a good way to escape into another time or place. You may consider print, electronic and audiobooks.

Music player: Some styles feature an FM radio, a record player and an MP3 port.

Scrapbook: Assembling a family photo album together is a gift that keeps giving to you and your parent.

Art supply kit: Whether you provide them with paint, pencils or clay, making art allows your loved one to engage their creativity.

Subscription box: There are various subscription boxes for games, puzzles, magazines, food, houseplants and more.

Household Items

Motorized recliner: A power-lift chair allows your loved one to safely get in and out of a seated position.

Digital picture frame: These frames hold dozens of digital pictures, so your mom or dad can scroll through snapshots of treasured memories.

Single-serve coffee maker: Does your parent need coffee in the morning but doesn’t want to make a whole pot? A single-serve coffee maker is a solution.

Essential oil diffuser: Aromatherapy offers relaxation and comfort without overpoweringly strong scents. 

Bird feeder: Is your parent a birdwatcher? Install a birdfeeder outside their bedroom window.

Technology and Gadgets

Reading light: A good page-turner may keep your senior up late. Reading lights can be mounted on their book, placed around their neck or worn as glasses.

Wearable heart rate monitor: This is a useful gift if your mom or date has high blood pressure or a cardiac condition.

TV headphones: Connect the transmitter to the TV so your parent can stream audio to the headset at their preferred volume.

Alarm clock: Some digital clocks have large letters and numbers, and other styles have an audio feature to announce the date, time and reminders.

Cycling machine: If your senior has limited mobility, a pedal or motorized cycling machine keeps their legs moving, stimulates blood flow and eases swelling and cramps. 

Handheld massager: Give the gift of soothing relief for neck and back pain.

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