3 Benefits of Outpatient Therapy Programs

April 19, 2023
Nurse helping an elderly woman do physical therapy at home

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, using outpatient therapy can boost your rehabilitation.

Types of Outpatient Therapy

There are a wide variety of outpatient therapy services. You may require therapy if you’re recuperating from surgery, injury or illness, or wish to improve your mobility and wellness.

Outpatient therapy includes:

Convenient Access to Therapy

Exercise and mobility are important as you age, especially if you’re in recovery. Outpatient therapy is available at clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices and rehabilitation facilities. That gives you a variety of locations to find comprehensive outpatient therapy in your city or neighborhood.

Some types of outpatient facilities also offer in-home services if you don’t have transportation. That allows you to get the therapy you need in the comfort of your home. Home-based service availability differs depending on your insurance coverage.

Custom Rehabilitation Plans

You can benefit from the expertise of therapists, nurses and physicians who are committed to creating a comprehensive therapy program catered to your goals. You’ll also work with the same people, allowing you to build a sense of familiarity that may help you feel more comfortable.

Therapy programs can be altered during your healing process. Your team will make necessary adjustments if you want to be challenged. If you need to take things a bit slower, they will reevaluate your program to suit your pace. Your input is essential, so it’s important to communicate with your therapist if you’re uncomfortable.

Flexible Scheduling

Attendance is based on your availability. Your therapy team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your session if you can only make it once a week. Two to three weekly sessions are common, but you could schedule therapy five times a week if you have the availability and insurance coverage.

Outpatient Therapy at Embassy Healthcare

Our expert therapists provide different types of therapy in a relaxed atmosphere to help you feel at ease. We will review your medical history, assess your current condition and outline health goals.

We also work with you to locate community resources if you require additional care to optimize your therapy program. Get to know our dedicated therapy team and find out how they can help you improve and maintain your quality of life.

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