7 tips to ease the transition to senior living

May 24, 2021

Your loved one’s move to an assisted living, skilled nursing or independent living community can be an emotional process. Here are some tips to help ease the transition for you and your senior.

Talk it Out

Understanding your loved one’s concerns and expectations about transitioning to senior care may ease their fears. It’s important to have this conversation early on, possibly before your mom or dad even requires assistance. By doing so, you can address any of their concerns and find a solution without a sense of urgency.

Visit Places Together

Tour facilities, check out amenities and ask questions of each staff together. If your senior gets involved in the transition process, they may feel they have more control over their future, making it less scary.

Consider facility features such as:

  • Housekeeping and laundry service
  • Security
  • Dining
  • Activities
  • Therapy
  • Medical assistance

Prep for the Move

Moving into a new home is a physically and emotionally taxing task. Start the downsizing process several weeks, or even months, before moving to take the pressure off of you and your loved one. You’ll give your senior time to decide which belongings to keep, throw out or give away to loved ones.

Maintaining your loved one’s normal routine the day of the move can ease the stress of such a daunting process. It may also help provide a sense of normalcy in the midst of such an important the lifestyle change.

Make the Space Their Own

Decorating the living space is crucial to making your parent feel at home in the unfamiliar environment. Allow them to personalize their new apartment with items and furniture from home. That will give them a sense of ownership over their space and soothe any moving-day anxiety. Family pictures, knick-knacks, artwork and memorabilia can make their new accommodations feel more like their own.

Encourage Them to Participate

Getting involved in an activity program is a great way for your loved one to stay mentally and physically engaged and make friends. Keeping busy and socializing is essential to a successful transition. An active social life can also put your mom or dad’s mind at ease as they interact with others in a similar situation.

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