finding care after hospital stays

July 5, 2021

Proper post-hospital care can affect the quality and length of your recovery after a hospital stay. Senior rehabilitation facilities provide 24-hour nursing care, which can reduce your likelihood of infection, illness, medication mismanagement and readmission to the hospital.

What Services are Available at Skilled Rehab Centers?

Each rehabilitation facility is different, but typically they offer comprehensive programs that address your physical, mental and emotional recovery.

The focus of each therapy varies:

  • Physical therapy: Improve stability, flexibility, strength, mobility and pain management
  • Occupational therapy: Improve fine motor skills for conducting daily activities like dressing, bathing and eating
  • Speech therapy: Manage communication techniques, swallowing and cognitive issues

Round-the-clock nursing assistance is also available. Intensive care options include wellness monitoring, dietary services, exercise, medication management, counseling and social activities.

Where Can I Receive Extended Care?

Post-hospital rehabilitation is available as inpatient and outpatient care. Your condition, therapy requirements and doctor’s recommendations will determine if you need to reside in a rehabilitation center.

If you opt for outpatient therapy, you’ll receive at-home therapy sessions and medical treatment. Licensed home health specialists provide physical therapy, injections, wound care and other services in the comfort of your home. You can also complete your therapy program by visiting a rehab facility on your own time.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in a Facility?

The length of your stay in a senior rehab facility depends on your surgery or illness and the amount of care you need. Typically, major surgeries and chronic medical conditions require extensive care and longer recovery periods.

Some skilled nursing facilities offer short-term respite stays for patients who’ve undergone minor surgery or who are recovering from an illness or infection.

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