Medication Management Guide: Tips For Seniors

June 15, 2020
About 36% of the elderly population regularly take five different medications. And that doesn’t account for over-the-counter drugs and supplements. Managing a list of medications that must be taken at a specific time of day, with or without food, can be a hassle. Seniors and their loved ones can work together to ensure proper medication administration for peace of mind.

Why Medication Management Is Necessary

You can better maintain your health when you effectively manage your medication. Medication errors account for 350,000 emergency hospital visits per year due to adverse drug events. If you take multiple medications, it’s essential to take preventative measures to avoid mix-ups and health hazards. Health problems caused by medication mismanagement include:
  • Failure to properly adhere to a medication schedule
  • Accidental discontinuation of required medication
  • Drug interactions when improperly mixed with certain foods, drinks, and other medication
  • Health conditions caused by over-prescription
Keep your primary care physician and other doctors up to date with all your current medications. Consider having your primary physician coordinate your care to minimize your risk of medication-related issues.

Easy Ways To Manage Your Medication

  • Know the names, dosages, and frequency of all your medications.
  • Take a current list of your medication to every doctor’s visit and advise them of any new prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds, or supplements.
  • Review your medications with a loved one.
  • Family members should monitor medication compliance if their senior has cognitive conditions like memory loss.
  • Ask your doctor about medication side effects, proper dosage for seniors, and possible drug interactions.
  • Avoid foods and alcohol that may have adverse effects on your medication regimen.
  • Set reminders on your calendar, phone, or post notes to help you remember your medication schedule. Pill organizers are handy to plan out a full week’s worth of meds.
  • Minimize your number of doctors and pharmacists to avoid prescription refill confusion.
Embassy offers medication management at all our assisted living and skilled nursing facilities so you can rest easy knowing your loved one receives proper drug administration. Call 888-975-1379 or contact us online for more information.