Are There Different Types of Respite Care?

March 29, 2023

Yes. Respite care can be provided in different ways and settings, depending on your parent’s needs.

What is Respite Care?

It’s a short-term service that allows you, as a primary caregiver, to take a break from your daily responsibilities. It’s also a good way to keep your parent socially active. Respite care may be used for a few hours, days or weeks at a time.

Types of Respite Care

Adult day centers: Also known as adult daycare, these facilities provide a variety of activities to promote social engagement. Some adult day centers offer transportation services, meals, snacks and personal care. This respite care is helpful if your parent struggles to make new friends and can reduce social isolation and loneliness.

In-home respite care: A trained professional will stay with your mom or dad for a few hours, and some services offer overnight visits, too. In-home services minimize disruptions in your senior’s daily routine and allow them to get the personal attention they need in the comfort of their home. In-home respite care could be as simple as having someone sit with your parent while you run errands, or include housekeeping and wellness assistance.

Respite care facilities: Some nursing homes and assisted living facilities have on-site respite care. You may schedule a respite stay for your parent if you’re going out of town, need to catch up on chores or take personal time. Facilities require an assessment beforehand to determine your mom or dad’s personal and medical needs. You may want to use respite care during the holidays or when you have visitors coming into town. These facilities implement round-the-clock care, so you can rest easy knowing your loved one is safe.

Benefits of Using Respite Care

For caregivers:

  • Take a break from caregiving duties to attend to your physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Complete chores and other tasks you’ve postponed.
  • Reconnect with your identity outside of your role as a caregiver.
  • Visit friends and family.
  • Take a day trip or an extended vacation.
  • Consult with the respite care staff to gain perspective regarding your loved one’s health.
  • Revisit old hobbies or try new ones.

For seniors:

  • Your parent will have a structured schedule to keep them entertained and engaged.
  • They have the freedom to participate at their comfort level.
  • They will have access to comprehensive health services and receive consistent care.
  • Your mom or dad will stay in a secure environment, easing their worries about being away from home.
  • Day centers provide your loved one a chance to meet people with similar interests and life experiences.

Respite Care at Embassy Healthcare

Our respite care services are designed with you and your parent in mind. Our trained and certified staff deliver the short-term assistance your loved one needs so you can attend to other matters. Our facilities have a licensed nursing team available 24/7 and fun activity programs to entertain guests.

Call 216-378-2050 to learn more about our respite services and schedule a tour of our facilities.