Winter Fall Prevention Tips for Elderly Adults

November 8, 2021

Avoid Risk of Falling During Icy and Snowy Weather  

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but the fresh snow and holiday lights can also come with a risk of falling. To help stay safe and comfortable this season, here are some fall prevention tips.  

1: Cleared and Salted Walkways 

Snow creates a wet and uneven plane for a person to walk on. If not cleared, a person can trip and fall when trying to leave their home.  If you live at home, be sure to arrange for a loved one or call professional service to clear your walkways and driveways after a snowfall. 

Once you’ve cleared your walkways, cover them with ice melt. This will remove any ice that has stuck to the ground and couldn’t be removed by shoveling. Some people will also put sand on their walkways to improve traction and reduce the chance of slipping. 

2: Take Your Shoes Off Inside 

Once you enter your home after walking outside, take your shoes off. Any snow or ice that clung to your feet will start to melt and can create a slipping hazard. You can also place a non-slip mat near the door to help you keep steady while taking them off. 

3: Wear Non-Slip Footwear Inside 

When you’re inside, wearing non-slip footwear can further help prevent chances of falling. Look for slippers or loafers that fit comfortably snug against your feet that also have rubber soles. You can also wear hospital-style socks with rubber grips underneath. 

4: Keep Your House Warm 

Cold temperatures can thicken the fluid in your joints. This makes them feel stiffer in the wintertime and can affect mobility. Keep your home heated at a comfortable temperature so that your joints can retain their full range of motion. 

5: Move Frequently 

Moving around your home frequently can help maintain your strength. Engage in some light exercise or make a plan to stand up and move once every hour if possible. Keep your movements within your normal physical limits. Overexertion can increase fall risks. 

6: Fix Up Your Home 

There are a few ways that you can prevent falls simply by fixing up your home. These include: 

Declutter your living space and removing objects from the floor 

Install supportive equipment like handrails in stairways and bathrooms

Rearrange furniture for clearer pathways between rooms 

Fix rugs more securely to the floor 

Use nonslip mats near sinks and in bathtubs/shower stalls 

Clean up any spilled mess immediately 

Do not store essential items in hard-to-reach places 

7: Carry a Fall Alert Device

No matter the time of year, seniors at risk of falling should carry a fall alert device. There are dedicated services like LifeAlert that provide their own solutions as well as smartphone and smartwatch apps. Having these within reach can help you notify emergency services sooner. 

Have You Been Injured in a Fall? Get Help in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida 

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