find quality pulmonary care at embassy healthcare

October 4, 2021

If you’re recuperating from a medical condition that affects your respiratory health, such as COVID-19, receiving expert pulmonary care is essential to your short- and long-term recovery.

Embassy Healthcare offers comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation at several of our locations, including:

Emily Pennington, a licensed practical nurse at Pickerington, answered several questions about pulmonary rehab and discussed the importance of quality care.

Why is Pulmonary Care Important?

Emily: “Pulmonary care is essential because it provides airway management and artificial airway support care.”

Your lungs and airways can sustain damage after an illness or operation. Receiving pulmonary care allows you to address symptoms such as reduced lung capacity, shortness of breath and chest pain, so you can conduct daily activities without breathing problems.

Embassy’s on-site pulmonary care provides round-the-clock therapy to help you rebuild your respiratory strength with consistent treatment.

What Conditions Does Pulmonary Care Address?

Emily: “We manage pulmonary diagnoses including, but not limited to, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic respiratory failure, tracheotomies, laryngectomies and pneumonia. We also handle post-ventilator care and post-COVID-19 pulmonary management and rehabilitation.”

What Kind of Pulmonary Care Services Does Embassy Provide?

Emily: “We’re equipped with a full rehabilitation department with physical, occupational and speech therapies. Embassy also handles transitional respiratory care programming, which is designed to continue at home after a patient leaves a skilled nursing facility. Our pulmonary staff provides educational support for the patient and their caregivers to reduce the likelihood of rehospitalization.”

Embassy also offers CPAP/BiPAP care, aerosol treatments and pulmonary hygiene at each pulmonary unit.

What Kind of Staff are Available to Pulmonary Patients?

Emily: “We have a dedicated staff that includes a pulmonologist, respiratory therapists and trained nursing staff assigned to each unit. There is also a dietician on staff to ensure the patient’s nutritional needs are met.”

All our respiratory therapists are certified or registered and are available 24/7. Pulmonary staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and state-tested nursing assistants.

Contact Embassy Healthcare if you or a loved one require pulmonary treatment. We’ll work with you to create a personalized care strategy to address your unique respiratory needs.