Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care Program

If you’re living with a cardiac illness like heart failure, you know how the importance of quality heart health and care. Embassy Healthcare offers a comprehensive approach to cardiac care that gives you the tools and resources you need to live with heart disease.

What Heart Services Does Embassy Offer?

Our comprehensive heart program offers a variety of services, including but not limited to:
  • On-site cardiac care
  • Preventative care
  • Dietary monitoring
  • Personalized heart care plans developed and implemented by skilled clinicians
  • Continued education for quality at-home care

Benefits of On-site Cardiac Care

Our unique clinical approach ensures you get the care you need to get healthier. We want to ensure you leave the cardiac care program with information and routines that will help you succeed in one of our other communities or at home.

There’s less likelihood of re-admission to the hospital and failing at home with our in-house comprehensive heart care program.

Perhaps most importantly, Embassy Healthcare emphasizes preventative care and continued heart health education. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools, like a personalized diet and exercise plan, to successfully manage and live with your heart disease. Our highly-trained staff and our on-site heart care technology will keep you moving forward in the care continuum.

Who Can Take Advantage of Heart Care at Embassy?

Our cardiac care program is available to all residents, both short-term and long-term, who:

  • Show early signs and stages of heart failure
  • Have been diagnosed with heart failure
  • Have advanced heart failure

When short-term residents are ready to return home, our care team will train them and their family/caregivers to perform their personalized heart care routines properly. They’ll also be provided with guidelines and warning signs that require medical attention.

Get In Touch About Cardiac Care

Contact us to get information sent directly to you about our cardiac care services and get answers to the questions you have.

Do you already know which Embassy Healthcare location you’d like to explore? Schedule a tour of the facility to view the personalized care and amenities offered. Additionally, you’ll meet with various staff members and specialists to get answers to all the questions you have.