Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage the resident and their family to make the living space at Embassy into their home. As long as there is not a safety issue, we encourage bringing items from home.

The number of showers is based on the resident’s personal preference, their history, and doctor’s orders.

Residents are offered three meals per day, and snacks are provided throughout the day as needed. All of our communities offer different meal plans, so residents have a choice to dine in the community dining room. They can order from an “a la carte” fine dining menu, or select alternate choices from a planned menu.

Each community has beautiful, spacious dining rooms. We encourage all residents to enjoy their meals in the dining area to socialize and meet friends. Residents may also choose to eat in their rooms.

Each community has a full recreation schedule that provides wellness, social, entertainment, and educational activities.

Yes, every resident is provided with activities regardless of their pay source.

Each community coordinates transportation for residents to attend appointments.

All laundry is labeled, laundered, and delivered back to residents daily. Families have the option of washing their loved one’s laundry, as well.

Please contact the center and ask for more information about the smoking policy.