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We believe that caring and compassionate personal behaviors are the core of our organization’s commitment to delivering quality patient care. The standards put in place provide useful guidelines for treating our co-workers, patients and their families, in a considerate and respectful manner. By making an official commitment to practice these standards daily, we reinforce them, acknowledge that they are expected behaviors and encourage employees to practice them diligently.

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We cherish teamwork which creates a positive environment to live and work in. We will always put forth an honest effort to assist co-workers whenever possible.


We respect our residents, their families and each other. We will respect differing cultures, viewpoints and beliefs.


We value education, training and personal and professional development which supports our commitment to exceptional care.


We will strive to improve the quality of our care and service to our residents. We will seek, listen and respond to new ideas. We will assist in making changes when problems are identified or something is unclear. We will support a culture that finds solutions, rather than one that makes excuses.

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